Welcome to Conservation Montgomery.  Our goal is to work as a community to enhance the quality of life in our county just north of Washington, D.C.  Established in 1776 and known today as “the gateway to the nation’s capital” Montgomery County is made up of diverse land uses and diverse cultures within our population of almost 1 million people.  We have urban communities in the Down County and rural communities Up County.  Scroll down for a community calendar, our editorials and other highlights. And check out our navigation tabs (top) to learn more about vital county natural resources worth protecting.

Home Tree Care

Home Tree Care 101

Above, arborist and CM Board Member Andie Murtha teaches our "Home Tree Care 101." About 85% of the Montgomery County tree canopy is on privately owned land. View photos from our fall 2013 class here.

This fall, we will begin a series of Home Tree Care 101 classes. Each class covers how maintaining mature trees on your home lot can extend the life of a tree and make it less hazardous in a storm, proper pruning, mulching, tree planting and removal of invasive plants that can kill a tree. A certified arborist visits your community and leads and outdoor, hands-on class for your civic or community group.

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Little Bennett
By Edwin Abarca

As I walked along the trail,
I felt a vast emptiness.
It was quiet and many pine trees were on the ground.
But it gave a feeling of
Peace and friendliness,
A huge feeling that I could not
Turn down.

I had such a great view like
I was on top of the world,
My phone camera would have
Made it last
A huge field of leafless trees
My memory took
The flash.

Beautiful Bennett.



The poem above is work generated by the Conservation Montgomery Young Environmental Writers (YEW) Workshop. We will publish various forms of environmental writing by local high school students who participated in this project funded by a grant from the Ohio-based Green Shanny Foundation. Read more about the YEW project in our latest e-newsletter.







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