Fall woodland scene.

About Us

Conservation Montgomery is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organzation. We are a coalition of civic and environmental organizations as well as individual residents who address a broad spectrum of environmental and quality of life challenges facing Montgomery County over the next decade as the county approaches a population of one million. The first of its kind in the county, Conservation Montgomery serves as a forum for county residents who want:


  • Effective watershed protection and stormwater management

  • Tree-lined streets -- and a tree and forest canopy that will provide environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits

  • Workable solutions dealing with the impacts of climate change

  • Energy-efficient homes, offices and businesses

  • Sustainable transportation

  • Pedestrian and bike-friendly neighborhoods

  • Green public space and lush parks

  • Responsive governance with land use decisions based on input all community stakeholders

Too often, we fail to see the connections between livable communities and environmental stewardship until it’s too late. Conservation Montgomery seeks to bridge the gaps between environmental issues currently addressed by a multitude of community groups and the civic community. By joining forces The coalition helps county residents understand their role in enviromental stewardship and serves as a resource for informed decision-making among elected officials. The organization works with individual residents, civic groups, businesses and other nonprofits and associations to reach out to our communities. Conservation Montgomery was established by a founding board, over half of whom were among those honored by the County Council as "40 Environmentalists Who Made a Difference in 40 Years" to mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in the United States. They are joined on the Board of Directors by leaders from county civic associations and others with expertise and leadership experience in science-based community policy. Conservation Montgomery offers a public forum for addressing a comprehensive set of county issues. Conservation Montgomery is funded by membership dues, donations and grants.















Above: Members of our Board at the 2012 Annual Meeting, above from left to right standing: Founding Board Member Mark Buscaino, and Board Members Alan Bowser, Ginny Barnes, Arlene Bruhn, Caren Madsen, Barbara Hoover, and Evan Glass. Seated from left to right: Diane Cameron and Jennifer Chambers. Not pictured: Mike Rubin from Boyds, MD